Technologies | Duca Del Cosma South Africa


Excellent function and fit

Innovative design on a bi-colour TR functional sole

5mm cone-shaped nubs across the complete outsole generate progressive stability during swing and optimal grip

Bi-colour TR outsole provides highly comfortable cushioning across the whole sole area

Integrated bumper - front protection with an integrated DDC logo

Heightened heel for a perfect stance, ergonomic, comfortable and removable PU insert sole

Airplay VI outsole


Ergonomic TPU function sole

square 5mm nubs provide more than 400 traction points

optimal stance and perfect roll-off comfort

ergonomic, comfortable and removable Soft PU insert sole

feminine shape

elegant last


Airplay IV outsole

Airplay III Outsole

This lightweight TPU function sole has been designed together with a comfort last to guarantee flexible wearing comfort

Lateral stabilizers and 5mm cone-shaped nubs provide traction and stability, a heightened heel guarantees an optimal stance

With Airplay III we have developed a shoe for a new - more fashion-orientated and daring - generation of golfers

A big success right from the start. The perfect fashionable sneaker

Go discover the Airplay III, our cross-over models, for yourself

Airplay III outsole


Innovative design on a functional TPU/PU sole

flex channels allow the shoe to bend and flex perfectly with the natural roll-off motion of the foot

anatomically designed S-channel ensures optimal traction during downswing

383 rectangular nubs provide 3064 traction points, enhancing grip during the swing motion

ergonomic, comfortable and removable soft PU insert sole

Skyflex outsole

Duca's outsole

This fashionable all-rounder has been designed together with a comfort last to guarantee flexible wearing comfort

The side walls of the shoe are sewn on using a stiching channel

The lightweight rubber function sole comes equipped with star-shaped 2 to 5mm nubs for optimal grip and it features an integrated DDC logo

The perfect sole for use both on and off the course

Duca's outsole