April 18, 2019


In February, the SA Menswear Week (SAMW AW19) had tongues wagging. This annual event stepped things up a notch and showcased an elegant blend of artistic innovation, inspired by our very own creative design community. The autumn and winter fashion collections were designed by national and international designers, and embraced traditional, authentic African trends. Here are a few of the standout trends that featured at the SA menswear week this year:


Camouflage clothing

The ‘camo’ trend has made a massive comeback in women’s fashion over the past year; however, it is only starting to gain momentum in the men’s department. This winter fashion trend is a must-have for men in 2019, as it consists of more than the traditional camo colours. Designers are mixing and matching colours to reflect the traditional pattern while keeping it simple and stylish. Camouflage pants and jackets are incredibly versatile clothing items to wear as they complement the minimalistic look. You can pair it with neutral colours without worrying about blending in.

Matching tailored suits

You might have noticed how matching, tailored suits have come into fashion. The thought of only wearing a ‘suit’ as being formal or professional is changing. More fashion-forward men are choosing to risk bold suits as their casual outfit choice. The tailored suit; however, needs to be fitted and bright in colour. Some popular options include yellow, turquoise or red floral bowler t-shirts that are button down and paired with matching shorts. The designs for the shirt or jacket and the shorts or trousers are identical in pattern and usually, tend to be inspired by striped or floral patterns. You can pair these suits with a pair of Duca Del Cosma shoes to give your look an extra touch or fabulous.


Bold, iconic patterns

Based on where the fashion industry is headed, fashion designers are investing in bold statement pieces. You can expect to see more patterns featured on clothing such as big plaid, tartan and check patterns. And, if you’re only used to seeing buttoned up lumberjack shirts with patterns, this 90s fashion trend is going bigger. For example, patterns in oversized jackets, t-shirts and much more.

Textured material

Another 90s fashion trend that is increasing amongst women, and slowly making headway in the men’s department, is textured clothing. For example, fleece jackets and velvet shirts or jackets. The beauty with textured clothing is that it can be styled up or down according to an event’s dress code.


Utility wear

Outdoor enthusiasts would, without a doubt, appreciate this trend. With this new winter fashion trend from the SA Menswear Week, fashion designers have focused on creating clothing that is functional and practical. Some common details include patches and pockets. Loose-fitting trousers and jackets are filled with these details for your travelling and adventuring convenience.


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Photo source: The Stylista