Ladies Open Pearl Valley

March 12, 2019

Since International Women’s day was only a few days ago, it is time to shed some light on our lovely ladies. That’s why this Thursday the 14th March we will be treating them at the Ladies Open which takes place at the Pearl Valley Golf Estate. The beautiful venue is located between two Cape Winelands - Paarl and Franschhoek, just 30 minutes outside of Cape Town. Not only is the course ranked as 5th best in South Africa according Golf Digest, club captain Lizanne Heydenrych mentioned the event to be the most popular Ladies Open in the Western Cape.

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The Evolution of Golf Fashion

March 01, 2019

​While golf clothing has changed over the years, it has remained conservative enough to maintain its “gentleman” reputation in the sporting community. Modern golf has introduced a new colour palette to the more traditional clothing colours, offering golfers bright and funkier options.

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Tips For Improving Your Golf Swing

February 15, 2019

Although golf might look effortless, it’s a technical sport. There are many techniques involved in developing a winning golf swing. While balance forms the foundation of golf swing basics, you need to focus on your body movements as this will affect the outcome of your swing. Spend less time hooking the grass and more time on nailing the perfect golf swing with these five tips:

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Fashion Outfits for Men in 2019

January 28, 2019

Say goodbye to a minimalistic wardrobe and hello to chaos. This year, men’s fashion is taking simplistic to the next level. You can expect to see bold statement pieces and plenty of mix and match opportunities. So, bring out the 80’s scarf and flaunt it along with the latest fashion outfits for men:​

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Latest Fashion Trends in Golf For 2019

January 16, 2019

Over the past decade, golf has become an increasingly popular sport for the younger generations. More people are taking up golf as a professional sport or simply appreciating this gentleman’s game for what it is. Not only is it a social, networking opportunity but the entire experience can teach both men and women the etiquette they need to succeed in life – starting with how you dress.

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Great outfit ideas – how to build a classic wardrobe

December 18, 2018

Create a classic wardrobe with these outfit ideas

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