Essentials to Get Your Golf Club Swinging like a Pro

June 07, 2019

​When you’re a budding golfer, knowing how to build up your golf gear can be daunting. With a few tips, even the greenest amateur will move confidently in their golf shoes, knowing when and where to use any golf club. Not only will your game improve, but you’ll enjoy every swing even more when you're set up for success.

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Duca Del Cosma talks fashion with Sandi Mazibuko

May 29, 2019

Duca Del Cosma is passionate about supporting local talent. With a diverse, broad portfolio of influential brand ambassadors, we’ve built a powerful network of individuals who have helped shape our brand. Be it golf-inspired or fashion related, our ambassadors have added a special touch to our shoe variety in their own way. Recently, we had the chance to sit down and interview Sandi Mazibuko, a South African fashion design, entrepreneur and stylist. She shared some insights into her career, as well as provided helpful advice to new designers in the industry.

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Fashion Tips for Men: How to Match Your Sneakers with Your Outfit

May 24, 2019

Gone are the days where sneakers were only appropriate for field or sporting events. Or better yet, only worn with athleisure wear. Today, sneakers can be worn for any occasion. Be it high-top sneakers, minimalistic or bold; these shoes are ideal for both street and professional style.

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Winter Golf Clothing to Wear on the Course

May 15, 2019

Chilly days are around the corner. Without warm golf clothing, you’ll know just how crisp it can be when the winter air cuts through the course and you’re struggling to keep warm in your paper-thin jersey! Time to refresh your wardrobe to keep your body warm on these dreaded cold days.

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5 International Fashion Trends to Wear in 2019

April 29, 2019

Be the trendsetter you’ve always wanted to be. We’re a few months into the new year, and what we’ve seen so far is everything you’ve ever owned before – with a fabulous spin. From animal print to tie-dye and more, you’re bound to have one or two of these styles waiting for you at home.

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Winter Fashion Trends from SA Menswear Week 2019

April 18, 2019

In February, the SA Menswear Week (SAMW AW19) had tongues wagging. This annual event stepped things up a notch and showcased an elegant blend of artistic innovation, inspired by our very own creative design community. The autumn and winter fashion collections were designed by national and international designers, and embraced traditional, authentic African trends. Here are a few of the standout trends that featured at the SA menswear week this year:

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