January 28, 2019


Say goodbye to a minimalistic wardrobe and hello to chaos. This year, men’s fashion is taking simplistic to the next level. You can expect to see bold statement pieces and plenty of mix and match opportunities. So, bring out the 80’s scarf and flaunt it along with the latest fashion outfits for men: 

Light-washed denim over dark denim

Denim is the most classic, must-have clothing item for men and women alike. Whether it’s dark or light, torn or skinny, denim is one of the few trends that are timeless. Denim men’s fashion wear forms the foundation of many casual or smart-casual outfits for men, with the latest trend being light-washed denim. If you style accordingly, light denim can be just as versatile as dark denim.


Sling bags to transport your items

The backpack trend is slowly fading as more men opt for a sling bag option. Most men feel the need to carry things that cannot fit into their pockets, therefore creating a need for a sling bag. Available in many different sizes and styles, a sling bag will keep your belongings safe while adding a trendy element to your outfit. Invest in a functional sling bag today, and you’ll never look back.


Bold sneakers over minimalistic

Keep your footwear game on-trend this season with the freshest, statement sneakers. The latest footwear fashion is bold sneakers, which is everything we believe in. While sneakers are standard comfortable shoes for men, they can be dressed up with a tailored suit or dressed down with a pair of denim jeans. Get heads turning and tongues wagging with our must-have sneakers.


Clean and subtle clothing prints

Since your sneakers are going to take on the bold look, you’ll need to minimise on your clothing choices and invest in classic, clean items. You can expect to see subtle statement prints as well as a bit of mismatching. This gives you free rein on your style, allowing you to dress things up or down as you please. Explore your inner creative side and enjoy wearing unusual and mismatched clothing.


Short shorts for the summer

Most men are used to their shorts falling on, or just above, the knee. This year, you can expect to see shorter shorts in store and more men flaunting this look. The right cut and shirt combination can leave you looking on-trend. If you have muscular legs, embrace these shorter shorts. If you would rather stick to a regular cut, there will be many new slim-cut styles to add to your wardrobe.


Final thoughts

As you can see, there is a handful of new men’s fashion to look forward to this year. Be it stylish shoes for men, outfits for men or quirky accessories, you’ll be able to enjoy this year’s men’s fashion at affordable rates. You can even incorporate these ideas into your golf attire.


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